Meyerthole Siems Kohlruss (MSK) - actuarial consulting since 1998.

We accompany insurance companies, pension funds, associations and the industry on actuarial issues and support them in strategic decisions and operational processes. Meyerthole Siems Kohlruss (MSK) is commissioned by market leaders, small and medium-sized players as well as start-ups.

We meet our clients where they are at the moment. Great value is placed on a personal and appreciative exchange. Our aim is to offer the best quality advice.

Learn about five things that distinguish us and form the basis of our work in our video.

Data pools - statistics like a market leader

Meyerthole Siems Kohlruss (MSK) has been developing data pools in all insurance sectors since 2002. The data is analysed in a professional, targeted and client-oriented manner. With the help of the MSK data pools, even small and medium-sized companies have access to a sufficiently large calculation database. There are now data pools in all divisions for private and commercial customer business for non-life insurance.

Handling confidential data requires reliable technical and organisational measures. The information security management system of Meyerthole Siems Kohlruss (MSK) has been certified by DEKRA according to ISO 27001 since 2011 and is regularly audited.

Accounting & risk management

The areas of accounting and risk management are among the core competencies of Meyerthole Siems Kohlruss (MSK). We analyse our clients' portfolio risks, provide advice on all aspects of reinsurance and support claims reserving in accordance with various accounting standards. Since the Solvency II supervisory system came into force in 2016, Meyerthole Siems Kohlruss (MSK) has also been assisting its clients with the implementation of the directive. Our experience and mathematical expertise make us a competent partner for all questions relating to the complex requirements of the supervisory system.

Telematics & big data

Our foundation is a professional approach to data. Only those who analyse cleanly can make resilient and sustainable decisions. The combination of big data and neural networks is a focal point of our work.

This is particularly important in telematics. Meyerthole Siems Kohlruss (MSK) develops telematics products on behalf of its clients that link premiums to the driving behaviour of policyholders.

Natural catastrophe risks & sustainability

Climate change and the resulting risks pose new challenges for the insurance industry. Meyerthole Siems Kohlruss (MSK) offers advice and expertise in the analysis of natural hazard risks and carries out precise natural hazard modelling using software solutions developed in-house.

We are also available to our clients for the preparation of sustainable tariffs and long-term analyses for risk management according to Solvency II and ORSA.