Ralf Assenmacher is working as a leading actuarial consultant at Meyerthole Siems Kohlruss. He is a qualified German actuary (Aktuar DAV). Assenmacher holds a diploma in mathematics, with business management as a minor, which he earned at the university of Bonn. The title of his diploma thesis is "Asymptotic behaviour of fractually integrated and Gaussian processes". His main focus at MSK is on loss reserves, accounting, and reinsurance.


Meyerthole, Dr. Andreas; Kelb, Andreas; Assenmacher, Ralf: "Gedanken zur Inflation".
in: Zeitschrift für Versicherungswesen 21/2022, 1. November 2022.
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Assenmacher, Ralf: "K-Versicherung 2030 – Gewitter am Horizont!?"
in: Versicherungswirtschaft 22/2016, 1. November 2016.
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Meyerthole, Andreas; Assenmacher, Ralf: "Wird nun Geld verdient oder nicht?"
in: Versicherungswirtschaft 1/13, 1. Januar 2013.
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